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Unit 2 managingmoney

what allows customers to complete transactions on the internet from anywhere in the world? Online Banking
business that provides financial services? depository institutions
price paid for using someone else's money interest
depository institutions that offer many banking services and are owned by their members? credit union
for profit business that offer financial services to customers and businesses commercial bank
apps for online banking mobile banking
an account designed to hold money and not to spend it savings account
a group of people with common interests and concern for the common good community
money earned from from working for pay earned income
taxes collected from the seller or retailer and as such often remain "hidden" in the price of the product or service excise tax
a tax on earned and unearned income income tax
a tax on earned income payroll tax
a tax on property property tax
a tax on purchased goods sales tax
sum of money demanded by gov. to support gov. funding and services etc taxes
person who pays taxes tax payer
income received from sources other than employment unearned income
a debt or obligation owed to others liabilities
measure of financial wealth net worth
everything a person owns with value assets
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