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DEA 213

Quiz 3

Polysulfides are not as accurate as the other final impression materials. Polysulfides have the shortest working time and longest setting time. TRUE OR FALSE The first statement is true, the second statement is false
A material that has a ______ viscosity will flow around the teeth better than a material with a ________ viscosity. low; high
What makes addition silicone impression materials advantageous is Stability Delayed pouring time Accuracy
Alginate Hydrocolloid is used for _____ Study casts; custom trays; sport guards; bleaching trays
Zinc Oxide Eugenol is used for _____ Complete denture procedures
Polyether is used for ______ Crown and bridge procedures
Polyvinyl/Vinyl Polysiloxane - PVS/VPS are used for _____ Preliminary impressions; matrix fo provisional crown formation
____ is an example of an inelastic impression material? ZOE
A metal, non-perforated tray is the most accurate tray to use when making an impression. TRUE OR FALSE False
Inelastic materials work for dentulous patients as they are much more rigid. true or False False
TRUE OR FALSE Addition silicones are the most popular type of elastomeric final impression material. The reason for this is cost. The first statement is true; the second statement is false
Impression materials that have mechanical properties with significant elastic deformation but return to their original form are classified as _____ Elastomeric
An impression tray that is used to record the prepare tooth, a bite registration, and impression of the tooth on the opposing arch is a ______ Triple tray
Created by: ashblake4