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Greek/Latin Root 1

Communication Arts Greek and Latin Root Vocabulary Practice.

per through (LATIN)
fero, ferre, tuli, latum to bring, to bear, to carry (LATIN)
tendo, tendere, tetendi, tensum to stretch (LATIN)
toqueo, toquere, torsi, tortum to twist, to bend, to turn around (LATIN)
verso, versare, versavi, versatum to turn, to turn around (LATIN)
percussion 1. The sharp striking of one thing against another. 2. Instruments that make sound when struck (LATIN)
perennial 1. Lasting for an indefinitely long time 2. Continuing regularly 3. Living longer than two years, said especially of plants. (LATIN)
permeate to penetrate through spaces; to spread throughout (LATIN)
persevere to hold fast to a task or purpose despite handicaps or obstacles. (LATIN)
defer to postpone; to delay (LATIN)
dilatory tending to delay or postpone (LATIN)
elation excited feelings of pride, triumph and happiness (LATIN)
infer 1. To use available evidence to form a conclusion 2. To guess (LATIN)
contend to engage in a quarrel, struggle, or rivalry (LATIN)
intent 1. Purpose 2. Concentrating on or dedicated to an idea or action. (LATIN)
sub under (LATIN)
subvert to upset, to overthrow; to ruin (LATIN)
subservient excessively willing to yield; submissive (LATIN)
contort to twist or bend out of shape (LATIN)
distort to change something to make it false (LATIN)
retort 1. To reply quickly and sharply, often as if in reply to an accusation. 2. A quick, witty, sometimes biting reply (LATIN)
tortuos 1. Having many twists or turns. 2. Deceitfully roundabout; tricky. (LATIN)
adversity hardship; misfortune (LATIN)
avert 1. To turn away (one's eyes) 2. To prevent (LATIN)
introvert a person whose thoughts and interests are directed inward. (LATIN)
perverse stubbornly doing something other than what is reasonable or required. (LATIN)
prose 1. Ordinary speech or writing without rhyme or meter (that is without verse) 2. Referring to speech and writing other than verse (LATIN)
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