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Swedish Words One

Difficult words from the first five chapters of my course

Vi ses See you soon
en affaer a shop
duktig smart
en kvaell an evening
en skog a forest
snart soon
tycka om to like
daefoer att because
troett tired
ett torg a square
ett varuhus a department store
en vaegg a wall
vaenta to wait
foer att in order to
faktisk actually
haord hard
koera to drive
laett easy
svaor difficult
bero to depend
ett blus a blouse
foelja to follow
genast immediately
alltid always
bara only
brinna to burn
baera to carry
finna to find
fara to travel
flyga to fly
skratta to laugh
sen late
tidig early
bita to bite
en eftermiddag an afternoon
flytta to move house
hemma at home
hinna to manage
synd shame
ett skrivblok a writing pad
sluta to finish
suga to suck
troettsam tiring
en stund a moment
redan already
njuta to enjoy
bjuda to offer
duga to be suitable
noeje pleasure
noejd satisfied
Created by: nineofspades