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USIDMS Mesenteric Arteries

What is collateral flow? relating to additional vessels that aid or add to circulation
What is splanchnic? relating to or affecting the viscera
What does postprandial mean? occurring after a meal
What is the most common application in the noninvasive vascular laboratory ? evaluation of the celiac and super mesenteric arteries for chronic mesenteric ischemia
What is the first abdominal branch arising from the aorta? celiac artery
Where is the origin of the celiac artery? anterior aspect of the aorta about 1 to 2 cm below the diaphragm
What plane is the SMA best visualized? in a sagittal plane
What plane is the IMA most easily identified? in a transverse view by locating the aortic bifurcation and then scanning proximally
What does a color bruit frequently give an instant clue to? significant stenosis
What does the normal SMA doppler waveform appear like? sharp systolic upstroke with a narrow band of frequencies or velocities (clear systolic window)
Created by: bnlane