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DEA 201

Week 1 & 2 objectives

why is it important of having a complete personal and medical history? a complete medical history will help to assess your immediate dental care needs and recommend the best treatment approach.
why do we need to update personal and medical history? knowing changes in history gives us better insight to a patients wellbeing
what are some factors that may influence vital sign results? if the patient ate or drank something hot or cold, if they are fearful of the procedure, could have just come from the gym,
What classifies as a vital sign? Temp, Pulse, Respiration, and blood pressure
describe an extra oral examination
describe an intramural examination
whats the purpose of a thermometer? to measure the degree of hotness or coldness of the bodies internal enviornment
what location of the body gives off the highest temp? rectal
where is the tympanic temperature taken? the ear
witch artery in the body has a pulse? all of them
which artery would you normally palpate when taking a patient's pulse? the Brachial artery
what is a normal pulse rate for adults 60 to 100 beats per minute
Respiration is the process of doing what? inhaling and exhaling (breathing)
What breathing pattern is a characteristic of excessively short rapid breath tachypnea
What is the normal respiration rate for an adult? 10 to 20 breathes per minute
Is the diastolic reading the first or the last sound hear when you are taking a blood pressure? it is the last sound heard (second)
Two instruments are used when taking a patient's blood pressure? Stethoscope and a sphygmomanometer
What is the term for the small groove or fold on the inner arm? Antecubical space
Who first described a series of sounds heard during the taking of blood pressure? Korotkuff
What is the range of a normal blood pressure reading for an adult? 120/80
Are the common pulse sites use for taking a pulse? Radical artery, brachial artery, and cardioid artery
Describe the characteristics of respiration and how they affect the patient's breathing Rate – the number of breaths per minute Rhythm – the breathing pattern Depth – the amount of air inhaled and exhaled during a breath
what does and oximeter measure in blood? the amount of oxygen in the blood
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