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Pharm Quiz 3

Pharmacology Chapters 5-6

what are the three types of opiate receptors? Kappa, Mu and delta
what is an opioid overdose demonstrated by? pinpoint pupils
what do nonopioid analgesics act primarily on? peripheral nerves
what do opioid analgesics act primarily on? central nervous system
why should you never place aspirin on the oral mucosa? can burn oral mucosa
what is used to treat gout? probenecid
NSAIDS are useful in treating... pain associated with menstruation
what is the aspirin hypersensitivity triad? asthma, aspirin hypersensitivity, and nasal polyps
tinnitus, headache and vomiting, dizziness, dimness of vision, hyperthermia and electrolyte imbalance are all components of... salicylism
hepatotoxicity of acetaminophen is potentiated by the use of barbiturates, phenytoin, carbamazepine and rifampin
what are the drug interactions of NSAIDS lithium toxicity, increase the toxicity of calcium channel blockers, increase the toxicity of methotrexate, decrease the effects of diuretics, beta blockers, and ACE inhibitors
naloxone is the drug of choice for? agonist or mixed ovoid overdose
naltrexone is the drug of choice for? maintenance of the opioid free state
children and adolescents with chickenpox or influenza should NOT use what because of the association with Reye's syndrome aspirin
morphine and codeine were isolated from? opium
tylenol is part of what group of medications? acetaminophen
tylenol should not be used for what? anti-inflammatory effects
codeine and dextromethorphan are considered to be... antitussives (stop cough)
near term, high dose aspirin can lead to... prolonged gestation, delayed parturition, increased risk of hemorrhage in the mother and newborn
aspirin can interfere with the clearance of what and cause subsequent bone marrow suppression? methotrexate
morphine is the prototype opioid agonist
fentanyl patches can provide relief from pain for the... terminally ill
respiratory depression with the use of opioids is related to a decrease in the sensitivity of the brainstem to... carbon dioxide
opioids stimulate what from the pituitary gland so it may be a problem in patients with BPH antidiuretic hormone
what is the component of pain which involves the patient's EMOTIONAL response to pain known as reaction
what is the comp one of pain which involves the patient's PHYSIOLOGICAL response to pain known as perception
what is effective for a second myocardial infarction prevention in adults? aspirin
what do NSAIDS inhibit the action of which results in decrease of prostaglandin synthesis cyclooxygenase
which receptors are involved in producing analgesia? mu and kappa receptors
where is the cough receptors located in the human body? medulla
should opioids be given to patients with head injuries? NO
what are 6 symptoms of shoppers? cancel appointments to be out for business trips suggests drugs that work well for them claims many allergies requests refills shortly after dental procedure goes to many different dental offices complains of pain for many days after S/RP
what are the side effects of the use of NSAIDS (oral) gingival ulcerations, ulcerative stomatitis, dry mouth
what is pain? a diagnostic symptom of an underlying pathologic condition
aspirin taken with sulfonylureas can initiate... a hypoglycemic effect
aspirin taken with probenecid interferes with... probenecid's uricosuric effects
what is dysmenorrhea due to? excessive prostaglandins present in the uterine wall which produce painful contractions
aspirin combined with methotrexate can displace.. methotrexate and decrease its clearance from the body
what are the three drugs to treat gout? colchicine, allopurinol, prebencid
what are the symptoms of withdrawal? yawning and lacrimation, perspiration and rhinorrhea, gooseflesh and tachycardia
what are the symptoms of salicylism? tinnitus, headache, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, dimness of vision, hyperthermia, electrolyte imbalance
naloxone is the drug of choice for... agonist or mixed opioid overdose
aspirin is also known as... acetylsalicylic acid
tylenol is part of what group of medications? acetaminophen group
what are the two cough suppressors codeine and dextromethorphan
most dental pain can be managed with the use of... NSAIAs or NSAIDs
what is the term for irate crystals? tophi
what is an adverse reaction of Ultram? dizziness, somnolence (sleepiness), headache, nausea, diarrhea, constipation and vomiting, palpitations, diaphoresis (profuse sweating), seizures
nonopids are...(weak/strong) opioids are... (weak/strong) nonopioids are weak opioids are strong
aspirin and sulfonylureas can produce what (diabetic drugs) hypoglycemic effect
Hepatotoxicity of acetaminophen potentiated by use of... barbiturates, carbamazepine, phenytoin and rifampin
magnesium saliylates are contraindicated in... renal disease
sodium salicylates are contraindicated in... cardiovascular disease
what are the adverse reactions to opioids miosis, respiratory depression, constipation, urinary retention, billiary constriction
what are the symptoms of withdrawal nausea and vomiting, lacrimation, perspiration, irritability, chills, tremors, fatigue
Tophi are also known as prostaglandin crystals
meperidine may react with what inhibitors that can cause CNS depression, hypertension and hypotension to occur? MAO
what are the adverse drug interactions with NSAIDS muscle weakness, vertigo, stevens johnson syndrome
what is the mechanism of action for NSAIDS? inhibit cyclooxygenase resulting in the decrease of prostaglandin synthesis
salicylates come from the bark of what tree? willow
what syndrome is associated with hepatotoxicity and encephalopathy? Reye's syndrome
what is the drug that is abused by medical personnel? meperidine
what is the most common drug used to treat dental pain? ibuprofen
kappa receptor is... dysphoria and analgesia
delta receptor is.. spinal analgesia
mu receptor is... euphoria and analgesia
acetaminophen does not cause... gastric bleeding
the development of Reye's syndrome is due to the use of... salicylayes
aspirin is composed of... acetic acid and salicylic acid
aspirin is used as a... antipyretic, analgesic, antiinflammatory
respiratory depression, an aderse reaction of opioids is related to a decrease in sensitivity of the brainstem to... carbon dioxide
NSAIDS reversibly inhibit... platelet aggregation
what is the most common opioid used in dentistry? codeine
Aspirin + anti-hypertensives can... decrease antihypertensive effect of ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, thiazide diuretics and loop diuretics
oral adverse reactions of the NSAIDS include... ulcerative stomatitis, dry mouth and gingival ulcerations
what NSAID are dozed on a 8-12 hour schedule? naproxen
which drug has no significant anti-inflammatory effect? acetaminophen
what is stevens johnson syndrome? systemic manifestation of erythemia multiforme
what are the COX II specific drugs celebrex or Vioxx
what is the opioid used very little in dentistry? morphine
what is used in patches to provide relief for the terminally ill Fentanyl
what prevents NSAID induced ulcers? Cytotec
Naproxen and naproxen sodium are dosed on what schedule 4 hour schedule
Created by: Chobchi
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