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DEA 213

Quiz 1

The ____ is the primary federal agency conducting and supporting medical research and is a part of the U.S. Department of health and humans services N.I.H
the environmental protection agency (EPA) is responsible for ... Reviewing the manufacturers anti-microbial claims to ensure that they are supported by scientific evidence
Final impressions are taken by the_____ Dentist
An impression tray should be sufficiently deep to allow ____ mm of material between the tray and the incisal or occlusal edges of the teeth 2 - 4
The irreversible hydrocolloid material used most widely for preliminary impressions are alginate
OSHA is responsible for ensuring the safety of the employee
an impression is a ____ reproduction of teeth and surrounding oral tissues. The model created from the impression is a _____ reproduction of the structures negative, positive
OSHA standards related to dentistry include... Hazard communication standard and guidelines for infection control in the dental setting
____ is a non-regulatory agency The CDC
Created by: ashblake4