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Chapter 2 Investment

Describing all the terms in chapter 2.

Aggressive Growth Stock Mutual Fund Is a small cap that you invest some money into a small business and hope to make a rate of return on; or Aggressive Growth.
Annuity a specified income payable at stated intervals for a fixed or a contingent period, often for the recipient's life, in consideration of a stipulated premium paid either in prior installment payments or in a single payment.
Bond a certificate of ownership of a specified portion of a debt due to be paid by a government or corporation to an individual holder and usually bearing a fixed rate of interest.
C.D. means certificate of deposit; a written acknowledgment of a bank that it has received from the person named a specified sum of money as a deposit, often for a fixed term at a specified interest rate.
Commodity Grain, precious metals, electricity, oil, beef, orange juice, and natural gas are traditional examples of commodities, but foreign currencies, emissions credits, bandwidth, and certain financial instruments are also part of today's commodity markets.
Diversification putting your money in more then just one basket. Spread out.
Dividend a sum of money paid to shareholders of a corporation out of earnings.
Fixed Annuity An insurance contract in which the insurance company makes fixed dollar payments to the annuitant for the term of the contract, usually until the annuitant dies.
Liquidity is availability; the more liquidity something is, typically means the less return you get on it.
Investments putting your money into a corporation of some sort looking to make more money off of it then how much you put in at the beginning.
Growth Stock Mutual Fund where more than one person goes and puts shares into a company hoping to get a big return.
Large-cap Fund growth and income
Money Market a type of investment; the short-term trade in money, as in the sale and purchase of bonds and certificates.
Mid-cap Fund Growth; meaning you put your money into a mid-cap fund hoping to see your money grow.
Risk the hazard or chance of loss.
International Stock Mutual Fund when people invest in a international company hoping to make a return on there investments.
Risk/Return Ratio as the risk goes up, so does the potential return.
Savings Account bank account where interest is paid, where you store money and then you can withdraw it but not as liquid as you would think.
Share is a unit of account for various investments. It often means the stock of a corporation
Single Stocks is buying stock but it comes with more of a risk because it has less diversification
Small-cap Fund Aggressive growth; these funds go into small businesses that can fall at anytime. People look to get a quick return.
Speculative investing in risky transactions
Track Record a record of all money exchanges
Variable Annuity an annuity in which the premiums are invested chiefly in common stocks or other securities
New York Stock Exchange he largest stock exchange in the U.S., located in New York City
American Stock Exchange is the NYSE.
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