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Nursing Pharmacology - Antibiotics

What are the main antibiotics? Penicillins, cephalosporins, Monobactums, tetracyclines, Bacteriostatic Inhibitors, Aminoglycosides, Sulfonamides, UT Anticeptics, Antimycrobial, Antiviral, Flouroquinolones, Antiprotozoals, Antifungals
What is the penicillin prototypical drug Penicillin G
What is the 1st generation cephalosporin prototypical drug Keflex
What is the 2nd generation cephalosporin prototypical drug Ceclor
What is the 3rd generation cephalosporin prototypical drug Rocephin
What is the 4th generation cephalosporin prototypical drug Maxipime
What is the monobactums prototypical drug vancomycin
What is the tetracycline prototypical drug? tetracycline hydrochloride
What is the bacteriostatic prototypical drug? erythromycin
What is the aminoglycocide prototypical drug? gentamicin
What is the sulfonamide prototypical drug? Bactrim
What is the UT Antiseptic prototypical drug? Macrodantin
What is the antimycobacterial prototypical drug? isoniazid
What is the antiviral prototypical drug? acyclovir
What is the flouroquinolones prototypical drug? ciprofloxacin
What is the antiprotozoal prototypical drug? metronidazole
what is the antifungal prototypical drug? amphotericin
What is the drug of choice for meningitis and syphilis? penicillin
What other drug allergies would prevent use of penicillin? Cephalosporins
What is characteristic about the 4 generations of Cephalosporins? They are progressively more effective against gram - organisms and anearobs; progressively less likely to be destroyed by beta-lactamase; progressively more able to reach the crebrospinal fluid.
What causes pseudomembranous colitis? C. difficile
What is the drug of choise for C. dif? vancomycin
What drug classification is vancomycin? Monobactum
What is the drug of choice for MRSA? vancomycin
What is the drug of choice for GI infections caused by H.pylori? tetracycline hydrochloride
What drug classification is tetracycline hydrochloride? tetracycline
What drug is used to treat people with infections who have an allergy to penicillin? erythromycin
What drug classification is erythromycin? Bacteriostatic Inhibitor
what is the drug of choice for e. coli, Klebsiella, psuedomonas aeruginosa? gentamicin
What drug classification is gentamicin? aminoglycoside
What is the drug of choice for UTI? Bactrim
What drug classification is Bactrim? sulfonamide
What is the drug of choice for viral infections? acyclovir
What drug classification is acyclovir? Antiviral
What is the drug of choice for anthrax? ciprofloxacin
What drug classification is ciprofloxacin flouroquinolone
What should a person on a flouroquinolone be cautious about? Achilles Tendon ruptures
What is the drug of choice giardia, trichomoniasis, and CNS infections? Flagyl
What drug classification is Flagyl? Antiprotozoal
What is the drug of choice for fungal infections? Fungizone
what drug classification is Fungizone? Antifungal
What are some contraindicating factors for the use of antifungals? Renal failure (nephrotoxic); Liver disease (hepatotoxic)
What should you monitor when antifungals are ordered? Any infusion reactions, renal failure, hepatic failure, potassium levels.
Created by: mpabner