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Public Health Quiz 1

Public Health mini Quiz 1

what is the definition of public? general collection of people without regard to a specific geographic area
what is community? group living in a specified geographic area that is one of a limited size
what are the 4 broad areas of public health? lifestyle and behavior the environment human biology the organization of health programs and systems
what are the 6 categories of public health practice? epidemiology statistics biomedical science environmental health sciences social and behavioral sciences health policy and management or health administration
what are the core functions of public health? assessment policy development assurance
definition of assessment the regular collection and dissemination of data on health status, community health needs and epidemiological studies of those needs
what is the definition of policy development? using scientific knowledge in decision making on policy matters affecting the public's health
what is the definition of assurance? public health agencies should engage policymakers and the public in determining priority areas for personal and community health services
how do you achieve the core functions of public health? planning implementation evaluation
what two criteria must be met when defining a public health problem? must be widespread cause of morbidity and mortality public, government or public health authorities need to see it as a problem
what defines a private dental practice? patient, exam, diagnosis, treatment planning, fee/payment, patient evaluation
what defines a public health dental practice? community, survey, analysis, program planning, budget/financing, program evaluation
what is healthy people? a national agenda that communicates a vision for improving health and achieving health equity measurable objectives with targets to be achieved over the decade organized in distinct topic areas
what are the six roles of the dental hygienist related to public health? administrator/manager change agent consumer advocate clinician educator researcher
who publishes healthy people? department of health and human services
what does the department of health and human services do? primary department of the federal government that oversees public health activities at the national level
what does the centers for medicaid and medicare services do? (CMS) oversees only federal portion of medicaid full responsibility for medicare, does not cover dental care
define ethics the study of the general nature of morals and of specific moral choices to be made study of general nature of morals (thoughts) and the specific moral choices to be made (choices)
define true knowledge know something by the thought (right thinking) and experience (right action)
define pre-deciding set boundaries and stay well away from them or within them
what are the NEVERS of social media periodically check your privacy settings never refer to a patient by name or identifying information be general, watch tone never friend patients on Facebook never post anything you'd be uncomfortable reading after composing your thoughts, wait
what are the universal oaths? transcendence consequence beyond life trust doctor patient relationship preserver of life
Created by: Chobchi