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Dental Embry, Hist

Chapter One

Ala Winglike cartilaginous structure bounding nares laterally.
Angle of the mandible Thickened area on posterior-inferior border of mandibular ramus.
Hyoid Bone Bone suspended in anterior midline of neck that has many muscle attachments.
Labial Commissure Corners of the mouth where upper and lower lips meet.
Larynx Voice box in the midline of the neck.
Lymph Nodes Bean-shaped filtering bodies grouped in clusters along connecting lymphatic vessels.
Mandible Lower Jaw.
Philtrum Vertical groove on midline of upper lip.
Ramus Mandible plate(s) that extends upward and backward from the body on each side.
Regions of the face Facial surface areas: Buccal; Frontal; Infraorbital; Mental; Oral; Orbital; nasal; & zygomatic.
Salivary Gland: Sublingual;Parotid;Submandibular Glands that produce salivary.
Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Joint where temporal bone of the skull articulates with mandible.
Vermilion Border, Zone Transition zone outlining lips from surrounding skin.
Zygomatic Arch Bony support for the neck.
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