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American Lit. Test 1

What book of the Bible was the primary basis for the law of the Massachusetts Bay Colony? Leviticus
Mary Rowlandson's captivity took place during what Indian war? King Philip's War
The Puritan diary is considered the basis of what genre of literature? Autobiography and Biography
Whatwas the main motive behind the early migrations to new England? Religious
Samuel Sewall is often referred to as the first what? Yankee
With what colony is Byrd primarily associated? Virginia
In a Description of New England, what does Smith argue is the primary motivation to convert the Indians? Religion
What does Sewall's diary include? Honest details of what he thought in both his public and private life
In the Diary, by describing the damage to his house as an "awful providence," what does Sewall mean? The awe-inspiring power of God's providence
What does Deism maintain the solution to man's problems lies in. Human reasoning, not the revelation of the Bible
The History of the Dividing Line is a journal of what observations? The surveying if the Virginia and North Carolina boundary
Phaenomena is a pamphlet on the meaning of what book of the Bible? Revelation
The Seperatists theory of government influnced what 18th century document? The Constitution
What was the primary purpose of literature in early America? Instruction
How did Mrs. Rowlandson feel toward God after discovering what was happening to her daughter's body? Trusted in Him for preserving her during her distressing time and commited her dead child, and herself, to Him
How does Sewall end the diary entry regarding the damage to his house? He says it was a sorrowful thing to see his house so far undone again before it was finished
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