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Life Characteristics

Latin prefix meaning "many" multi
Latin prefix meaning "life" bio
Latin prefix meaning "study of" ology
Latin prefix meaning "not or no" a
Latin prefix meaning " standing or staying" stasis
Latin prefix meaning " one" uni
How do you physically grow? By producing more cells. You DON'T grow by your cells getting bigger.
An oak tree dropping an acorn that eventually get buried and germinate into a new tree describes this characteristic of life. All living things reproduce in some manner.
When you begin to sweat because you're hot, this is an example of which characteristic of life? All living thing try to maintain homeostasis or balance.
When an animal's fur is raised when it senses danger, this is which characteristic of life? All living thing respond to their environment
What is the purpose of cellular respiration? To change food into energy that your body can use
Those factors that were never living, such as temperature, rainfall, fire, etc are known as this. Abiotic factors
Things that are living or have once lived are known as this. Biotic factors
A plant undergoing photosynthesis is an example of which characteristic of life? All living organisms take in nutrients
Latin prefix meaning "small" micro
Latin prefix meaning "to look" scope
Latin prefix meaning "same or alike" homo
All living organisms require ______ which they get from food? energy
What is true of the growth of all multi-cellular organisms? Organisms grow and develop by producing more cells NOT BIGGER CELLS
What is the purpose of cellular respiration? To turn nutrients into a form of energy the organism can use
A mouse running for safety from a hawk flying overhead would describe which characteristic of life? All living things respond to their environment
Latin prefix meaning "before" ? Pro
Latin suffix meaning "cell nucleus"? kary
Describe the three main parts of the cell theory. 1)All living things are made of one or more cells. 2)Cells are the most basic units of life. 3)Cells can only come from preexisting cells.
Is the following statement true or false? Cells are sometimes specialized for a particular function. True - Cells have certain jobs. Some become muscle cells, blood cells, nerve cells, etc. and perform a specific function in our body.
Contrast the nucleus in a prokaryotic cell and an eukaryotic cell. The nucleus is present in an eukaryotic cell but missing in a prokaryotic cell.
Contrast the organelles in a prokaryotic cell and an eukaryotic cell. All organelles are present in eukaryotic cells but only the ribosomes, DNA, cell membrane and cytoplasm are in found in prokaryotic cells.
Are plant and animal cells prokaryotic or eukaryotic? Eukaryotic - they are more complex.
Would bacteria be consider prokaryotic or eukaryotic? Prokaryotic - they are simple, unicellular cells.
Which type of cell is multi-cellular for the most part? Eukaryotic cells
Which type of cell is unicellular? Prokaryotic
If an object appears to grow and reproduce but is not made of cells, would it be considered alive? No - for something to be alive it must show ALL seven characteristics of life. If it's missing just one - it would not be considered alive. Fire appears to grow and needs the nutrient oxygen but since it's NOT made of cells- it's not alive.
True or False - ALL living things must make their own food. False - only plants can make their own food through the process of photosynthesis.
Why do living organisms take in nutrients? To turn these nutrients into a usable form of energy through a process called cellular respiration.
What is the purpose of changing the objectives in a microscope? To view the slide at different magnifications.
What is the purpose of the diaphragm in a microscope? To increase the amount of light that will shine up through the lens making the slide brighter.
What is the purpose of the coarse and fine adjustment knobs in a microscope? To make the image become more focused.
What type of reproduction needs two parents (male/female)? Sexual Reproduction
What type of reproduction requires only one parent? Asexual reproduction
What type of asexual reproduction occurs when a parent cell splits into two equal halves? (Amoeba) Binary Fission
What type of asexual reproduction occurs when a parent breaks into small pieces ? (Starfish) Fragmentation
What type of asexual reproduction occurs when a parent forms a bubble-like bud on it? (Potatoes) Budding
Created by: connie.hambey