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Intensive English


Action of strongly contact of one object with another. Can mean too a influence of something. Impact
A calculus that proximate or judgement a value, available or quantity of something. Estimate
Something of easy direction, use, friendly or allowed to everyone. Accessible
The effect of an action done in the past. Consequence
The conclusion or result of something already happened Effects
Show something, divulge or publish. Reveal
Something is not enough. Scarce
Not appropriate, or something that cannot be supported. Unsuitable
How much something spend to do a thing. Consumption
Try to stop. Contain
To clear of guilty, to find innocent someone. ABSOLVE
be firm in a line of thinking, sttuborn, not giving in. ADAMANT
Friendly and good-natured. Amiable
Lacking ethical principles. Amoral
bitter hostility Animosity
one who opposes or competes, an opponent Antagonist
Old and Odd Eccentric
a meet Encounter
A typical example. Epitome
To speak ill/evil of somebody. Malign
Great praise or applause, praise. Acclaim
Close/Near to something. Adjacent
To bring out, to draw worth Elicit
To hold the interest of Engross
increase or intensify Escalate
Use unfair advantage of Exploit
orderly, boring and systematic Methodical
extinct Obsolete
have form and matter Tangible
brig to an end Terminate
Unselfish Altruistic
Attack someone physically or verbally Assail
Stain the honor of something or someone Taint
Overused Banal
To calm Appease
Say a term that substitute by one who doesn't offend Euphemism
Group of symptoms of a particular disease Syndrome
An indirect reference Allusion
Greedy Mercenary
Based on impulse Arbitrary
Outrageous Venture
To take the risk Flagrant
Including all or much Comprehensive
Restore to life trough therapy or education Rehabilitate
To keep going. Persevere
A complete confusion. Turmoil
An event bringing great loss and misery Calamity
Vary irregularly Fluctuate
Think deeply about Ponder
Ordinary Conventional
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