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Career Dev

Test 1

Realistic Careers such as auto mechanic, athlete, pilot, electician, farmer. Generally likes hands on, phycially active work with reak objects. Can be described as frank, genuine, hardheadedm honest.
Investigative Careers such as biologist, chemist, geologist. Usually has math and science abilities and likes to work alone to solve problems.
Artistic Careers such as musician, stage director, dancer. Has artistic skills, is creative, and has a good imagination.
Social Careers such as teacher, speech therapist, counsler. Generally likes to help, teach, and counsel others more than engage in mechanical or technical activity.
Enterprising Careers such as sports promoter, TV producer, business executive. Generally have leadership and public speaking skills and has an interest for money and politics.
Conventional Careers such as bookkeeper, financial analysist, banker. Generally has math abilities and very organized. Orderly and structured people.
Extrovert Outgoing, friendly, people oriented. Energized by others and works well with a team.
Sensing Focuses on concrete and tangible facts. Needs hard evidence to understand.
Introvert Prefers to work independently, harder to get to know and very private. Quiet but has an active mind.
Intuitive Sees possibilities and goes by hunches. Inventive, creative, and future-oriented.
Thinking Decides with the head. Logical, analytical. Rules and principles are important, and can be critical and make tough decisions.
Feeling Decides with the heart, relationships are more important than rules. Are accepting and compassionate.
Judging Organized, task-oriented, and always on time. Likes things to be planned out and predictable.
Perceiving Spontaneous and can go with the flow. Adaptable, flexible, and laid back.
Values The things we regard as truly important and that motivate us to behave or act in certain ways.
Self Concept The idea or mental image one has of themselves and their strengths, weaknesses, and status. This can be improved by accepting yourself as you are, eliminating guilt, and squash negative thoughts.
Self Esteem The sense of value, worth, or regard of one's attributes.
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