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Rom. Adjectives 05

Romanian Adjectives 05 - Color, Conditions

roșu red
portocaliu orange
galben yellow
verde green
albastru blue
purpuriu purple
maro brown
roz pink
gri gray
negru black
alb white
închis [for color, e.g. albastru-închis] dark [for color, e.g. dark blue]
deschis [for color, e.g. albastru-deschis] light [for color, e.g. light blue]
curat clean, neat
magnific magnificent, grand, spledid
ciudat quaint, strange, odd
minunat lovely, wonderful
murdar dirty, messy, filthy
în viață alive
prudent careful, cautious, wary, prudent
inteligent smart, intelligent
mort dead
ușor easy, light, simple
faimos famous, reknowned
talentat gifted, talented
util helpful, useful
important important
ieftin inexpensive, cheap
sărac poor, destitute, needy
puternic powerful, strong, mighty
bogat rich, wealthy
timid shy, timid, bashful
dezinteresat disinterested
vast vast, extensive
excelent excellent
isteţ clever, cunning, sharp
dificil difficult, tough
Created by: matteber