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Rom. Adjectives 01

Romanian Adjectives 01 - Positive Feelings

calm calm, serene
pașnic peaceful
încântat delighted
dornic eager
fericit happy
vesel jolly
plin de viață lively, full of life
ușurat relieved
confortabil comfortable
recunoscător thankful
amuzat amused
jucăuș playful
jovial jovial, cheerful
satisfăcut satisfied
extatic ecstatic
simpatic sympathetic
empatic empathetic
compătimitor/milos compassionate
uluit/mirat amazed
interesat interested
receptiv receptive
norocos lucky
încântat la culme overjoyed
festiv festive
bucuros glad
stârnit aroused
voios merry, joyous, cheerful
euforic euphoric, elated
jubilând jubilant
eliberat liberated
liber free
zburdalnic frisky
animat animated
însufleţit spirited, lively
mulțumit pleased, content
încurajat encouraged
uimit surprised
cert certain
sigur sure, confident, safe, secure
relaxat relaxed
reasigurat reassured, soothed
iubit loved
afectuos affectionate
tandru tender
atras attracted
apropiat de close to
fascinat fascinated
intrigat intrigued
absorbit absorbed
curios curious
intens intense
inspirat inspired
hotărât determined, resolved, resolute
emoționat excited
plin de speranță hopeful
revigorat invigorated, refreshed
amabil kind, amiable
șăgalnic jocular
pasionat passionate, love
entuziast enthusiastic
odihnit refreshed, composed, tranquil
cordial cordial, heart-felt, hearty
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