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USIDMS Lower Extremity Venous

Acute DVT is approximately how old? 1week to 10 days
Which vein is the longest in the body? GSV
What happens to venous flow while performing the valsalva maneuver? All venous flow stops
Name 3 risk factors for DVT. Post Op, hx of DVT, pregnancy
One way to distinguish deep veins from superficial veins is by identifying what? A paired artery adjacent to the vein.
Vasoconstriction is caused by ingested chemicals, stress, and what? Cold sensitivity
Virchows triad includes what 3 conditions? Circulatory stasis, vein wall injury, and hypercoagulable state
When thrombus breaks loose and is potentially fatal this is called what? Pulmonary embolism
If you document sluggish, continuous flow what does this mean? There is a proximal obstruction.
This is an infection in the soft tissue which causes redness and warmth to touch, what is it? Cellulitis
Created by: abferguson