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Chapter 26

Oral Pathology

Palpate to touch or feel to deteremin the condition of tissue
Biopsy an accurate method of diagnosing many illnesses by removing a small amount of tissue surgically
Etiology the cause of a disease
Inflammation the bodies response to injury or disease are redness, heat,swelling and pain. classified as clinical features by Celcus Cornelius
Blister a raised circular area filled with fluid./ this fluid leaks from the blood vessels to underlying layers of the skin from traumas like burns, friction and disease
Hematoma a lesion caused by bleeding from a ruptured blood vessel. blood can be dispursed by applying pressure
Abscess concentrated area of puss formed from infection. can be periapical or periodontal
Cyst a fluid or semi-solid fluid filled sac. normally occur due to blockage of a duct leading from a fluid forming gland.
Ulcer an open sore on the tissue due to destruction of the mucous membrane. may appear shallow or crated deeply, inflamed and painful
Neoplams medical term for tumors. can be malignant or benign
ankylosis the tooth, cemetum or dentin fuses with the alveolar bone, restricting movement of the tooth as well as eruption
Anodontia when teeth are congenitall missing EX. some people never get their wisdom teeth
Cancer Warning Signs pain that lasts more then 1 month, lumps and swelling, white or rough lesions on the mouth, dryness, numbness, soreness or burning, difficulty chewing swallowing or speaking and repetitive bleeding for no reason
Leukoplakia a white leathery patch that cannot be identified
Basal Cell Carnicoma most common form of skin cancer. lesions appear on the neck, ear, face, lips and head because those are areas most exposed to the sun
Glossitis inflammation of the tongue where the filiform papillae are absent and the tongue appears smooth. also known as "BALD TONGUE"
Ankyloglossia the lingual frenum is attached to the tip of the tongue. also known as "TONGUE TIED"
gemination one tooth bud attempts to divide
Gingival Hyperplasia when the connective tissue grows over the tooth
Hyperplasia small fold of excess tissue due to small ulcers that are continusly irritated
Hairy Tongue the filiform papillae become elongated and resemble hairs
Bells Palsy a temporary paralisys of one side of the face
Meth Mouth teeth that have rampant decay and seem to explode
Tori Palatinus bony out growth of tissue that are benign located close to the midline or laterl borders
Tori Mandibluaris bony out growth that are more annoying because food debris can collect underneath them
Latin Inflammation Process heat:calor redness:rubor swelling:tumor pain:dolor
Shingles aka herpes zoster are unilateral painful lesions that can last up to 5 weeks
varix the blood vessels become weakend and extended
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