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DA 150

Ortho, Chapter 27

Malocclusion Not normal occlusion; misalignment of a single tooth, group of teeth or entire arch
Overbite Vertical overlap; Maxillary arch is over the 1/3 of mandibular anterior teeth (Upper hangs over lower)
Crossbite Abnormal relationship of teeth in one arch to the opposing teeth in other arch. Posterior - maxillary posterior teeth are lingual to the mandibular teeth. Anterior - Maxillary incisors are lingual to opposing mandibular incisors
Space maintainer Band or wire loop placed together to keep space for the permanent to erupt after premature loss of primary tooth
Fixed appliance Hardware cemented in mouth; doesn't come out. (Lingual braces, lingual arch wire, space maintainers and palatal expansion appliance)
Headgear Used to apply force to move teeth, restrain or alter cranial-facial bone growth and reinforce stability of intraoral appliances; consists of a strap that goes on head or neck and facebow that attaches to buccal tubes on molars bands
Separators Tiny elastic bands placed in the contact areas, forcing space between teeth days prior to actual braces.
Bands Placed on 1st molars & act as anchor and stabilize archwire; Brackets are soldered on the bands with tubes to hold wire. Separate apt for teeth to be pumiced, fitted for bands and are seated. "Banding apt"
Brackets Bonded to buccal/facial portion of teeth, transmits force of archwire to move teeth.
Fetal molding
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