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Rom. Verbs Conj. 01

Romanian Verbs Conjugated 01 - Present Tense

[eu] sunt I am
eşti you are [singular]
este he/she/it is
suntem we are
sunteţi you are [plural]
[ei/ele] sunt they are
am I have
ai you have [singular]
are he/she/it has
avem we have
aveţi you have [plural]
au they have
[eu] trebuie să I must, I have to
[tu] trebuie să you must, you have to [singular]
[el/ea] trebuie să he/she/it must, has to
[noi] trebuie să we must, we have to
[voi] trebuie să you must, you have to [plural]
[ei/ele] trebuie să they must, they have to
[eu] pot I can, I may
poți you can, you may [singular]
poate he/she/it can, may
putem we can, we may
puteți you can, you may [plural]
ei/ele pot they can, they may
am nevoie I need
ai nevoie you need [singular]
are nevoie he/she/it needs
avem nevoie we need
aveți nevoie you need [plural]
au nevoie they need
vreau (să) I want (to)
vrei (să) you want (to) [singular]
vrea (să) he/she/it wants (to)
vrem (să) we want (to)
vreţi (să) you want (to) [plural]
vor (să) they want (to)
[eu] dau I give
dai you give [singular]
he/she/it gives
dăm we give
daţi you give [plural]
[ei/ele] dau they give
[eu] trimit I send
trimiţi you send [singular]
trimite he/she/it sends
trimitem we send
trimiteţi you send [plural]
[ei/ele] trimit they send
[eu] primesc I receive
primeşti you receive [singular]
primește he/she/it receives
primim we receive
primiți you receive [plural]
[eu] citesc I read
citeşti you read [singular]
citeşte he/she/it reads
citim we read
citiţi you read (plural)
[el/ea] citesc they read
[eu] scriu I write, I spell
scrii you write, you spell (singular)
scrie he/she/it writes, spells
scriem we write, we spell
scrieţi you write, you spell (plural)
învăţ I learn, I teach, I study
înveţi you learn, you teach, you study [singular]
[el/ea] învaţă he/she/it learns, teaches, studies
învăţăm we learn, we teach, we study
învăţaţi you learn, you teach, you study [plural]
[ei/ele] învaţă they learn, they teach, they study
[eu] ştiu I know [facts]
ştii You know [facts, singular]
ştie he/she/it knows [facts]
ştim we know [facts]
ştiţi you know [facts, plural]
[ei/ele] ştiu they know [facts]
[eu] cunosc I know [people]
cunoşti You know [people, singular]
cunoaşte he/she/it knows [people]
cunoaştem we know [people]
cunoaşteţi you know [people, plural]
[ei/ele] cunosc they know [people]
[ei/ele] scriu they write, they spell
[ei/ele] primesc they receive
[eu] înţeleg I understand
înţelegi you understand [singular]
înţelege he/she/it understands
înţelegem we understand
înţelegeţi you understand [plural]
[ei/ele] înţeleg they understand
[eu] aud I hear
auzi you hear [singular]
aude he/she/it hears
auzim we hear
auziți you hear [plural]
[ei/ele] aud they hear
ascult I listen
asculți you listen [singular]
[el/ea] ascultă he/she/it listens
ascultăm we listen
ascultați you listen [plural]
[ei/ele] ascultă they listen
Created by: matteber