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USIDMS Upper Extremity Venous

Thrombosis in the upper extremity veins is most commonly a result of frequent introduction of ________ and ___________ in to arm veins Needles and catheters
In the upper extremity, in general, which system is bigger, the deep system or the superficial system? The superficial system
Unlike the lower extremities, what do the upper extremities not have that allow spontaneous thrombosis formation in the lower extremities? Soleal sinuses
A common symptom of superior vena cava syndrome is __________ swelling Facial
The confluence of the subclavian and internal jugular veins forms the ___________ _________ Brachiocephalic vein
Venous thrombosis secondary to compression of the subclavian vein at the thoracic inlet is known as ___________________ syndrome Paget-Schroetter syndrome
The brachial vein becomes the axillary vein at the confluence with which vein? Basilic vein
What vessel connects the basilic and cephalic veins? Medial cubital vein
The _______________ veins of the arms are more affected by thrombosis than in the legs Superficial
What measures can be taken to ensure that a patient's vessels do not vasoconstrict? Keep exam room warm, cover patient, only expose limb being evaluated
Created by: Stephtier