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USIDMS Extracranial Carotid

What is the "string sign"? The string sign is a sonographic sign usually seen in the ICA which appears as a thin stream of flow. This is indicative of a critical stenosis.
Describe the evolution of arterial plaque Arterial plaque begins with an injury to the endothelium (due to chronic hypertension, nicotine, etc.), followed by sub-endothelial deposit of lipids, next an inflammatory response leads to smooth muscle proliferation, vasovasorum feed the plaque
A thickened CIMT (Carotid Intimal Medial Thickness) may be indicative of what? Heart problems
Amaurosis fugax on the right is indicative of what? Right sided carotid artery disease, a sign of a possible stroke
An ICA/CCA ratio over _____ is considered a severe stenosis 4.0
What is a paraganglioma? A benign carotid body tumor that is found in the "crotch" of the bifurcation
Typically _____% of CCA flow goes to the ICA 80%
What is considered a hemodynamically significant stenosis? A stenosis over 50% that will cause changes in the flow of a vessel.
List some ways to differentiate ICA from ECA ECA is typically high resistance while ICA is low resistance, ECA will have branches while ICA will not, ECA is more pulsatile while ICA will appear to have flow during systole and diastole, a temporal tap augmentation can be seen with the ECA and not ICA
Where do the carotid arteries originate? The right common carotid artery originates from the right brachiocephalic (innominate)artery, while the left common carotid artery originates from the aortic arch
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