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DA 160

DANB Vocab - April Engel 6/3/14

Abrasion Abnormal wearing away of the tissue or tooth surface
Absorbent Soaking up a fluid or other into the body
Accessible Having access to
Acidic Corrosive properties and an irritant to tissue
Acute Severe and short traumatic, pathologic or physiologic phenomenon happen
Adaption Accepting of the new; a period of getting used
Adjacent Next to; teeth following one after another
Agitate Churning or vibrating to mix
Adversely Having opposite affect
Alkaline Enzyme present in the bones and teeth, kidneys and plasma; high level of pH can be designated as alkaline solution
Anatomical direction Natural direction
Apically Apical of the tooth root
Occlusally The crown of the tooth, the surface to chew on
Armamentarium Instruments or appliances used in the practice of a profession
Articulation The jaw movement; motion of chewing and talking
Attrition Normal loss of tooth substance resulting from friction; grinding
Beneficial To benefit from; doing good
Detrimental Crucial; must happen to avoid something to come
Bioburden Amount of bacteria living on a surface before sterilization
Caustic Harmful, dangerous
Centric relation Position of mandible when the candles are positioned poster-superiorly in an unstrained position in the Glenside fossae
Chronic exposure Long term exposure
Chronological age By birthdate
Condensation Moisture build up
Conscious sedation Safe means of a patient being sedated but awake; free of pain and discomfort
Contouring Shaping or molding
Convulsions Severe muscle spasms
Deactivate Opposite of activate; stopping the activation
Debridement Separating
Debris Trash
Deteriorate Breaking down of a material
Developmental age Mental age
Diagnostic Diagnose
Diastiema Space between the maxillary central incisions; #8 & #9 or space between 2 adjacent teeth
Direct supervision Dentist is watching over
General supervision Dentist is in the office over seeing
Discard Throw away; get rid of
Disengage Opposite of engage; stopping
Dislodge Loosening; un-trap, getting it out
Dissipate Evaporate
Distorted Changing form from normal shape
Distract Directing attention elsewhere
Effective Useful
Elective Choices
Embedded Under layers or trapped
Embrasure Triangular space between teeth in the gingival direction that is made when 2 adjoining teeth are touching
Endodontic Field of dentistry the deals with dental pulp and root tissue and treatment of diseases and injuries; root canal most common
Esthetic Visually pleasing to the eye
Excessive Over abundance or having too much
Exfoliate Removal or layers of cells or tissue from surface
Extraction Removal of a tooth; having it pulled out
Extrude Pus
Flush Clean out; washing area
Gingiva The tissue surrounding the teeth
Glove integrity Strength of the glove material
Hematoma Ruptured blood vessel under the skin; Bruising
Hyperventilation Abnormal, rapid deep breaths; unable to breath normal. Decreased carbon dioxide levels
Immersion Placing body or object completely in the water and covering it
Inadvertently Unexpected results
Incipient Beginning of tooth decay
Incise Cutting open
Inhalation Breathing in
Inhibit To prevent something from happening
Insoluble Not soluable
Intact All together
Inter-maxillary Between the maxillary and mandibular jaw
Intra-maxillary Units all situated within the same jaw
Intrinsic Stains INSIDE the tooth and usually permanent
Invert Upside down or inside out
Lateral Sides
Leak Decreasing levels; escaping, getting out
Lethargy Weak, no energy
Luting Cementing together
Mastication Chewing
Medicament Medicine to promote recovery
Meticulous Precise attention to detail
Mottled Excessive ingested amounts of fluoride; teeth appear chalky and pitted
Mulling Final step to mixing dental amalgam
Non-corrosive Opposite of corrosive
Nullify Render or declare ineffective or useless
Opaque White; appears white on the x-rays film
Opposing dentition Opposite arch but same tooth location
Oral cavity Inside the mouth
Particulate Substance containing separate particles
Penetrates Getting into; absorbed into
Percutaneous Path or entry into the skin
Perpendicular Side by side
Parallel Site by side
Porosity Pores or voids with in a structure; poris
Precise Exact; no room for error
Proximal Nearest point of attachement
Puncture wound A wound that has pierced/punched through the skin
Recurrent Happening again; All over again
Replenish Refill
Reposition To position again
Reservoir bag Attached to an anesthesia machine; additional bag for excess gas or medication
Resorption Loss od substance; reduction of volume and size of Alveolar bone
Respiration Breathing
Restriction Holding back; something not to happen
Rigid Not smooth; rough
Simultaneously 2 or more things happening at the same time
Slurry thin mixture of insoluble material floating in liquid
Solvent A liquid that breaks down and absorbs
Spatulation Manipulation of a material with spatula to mix into mass
Stabilizing Making it stronger; firm or sturdy
Stippling Health gingival tissue; looks like the texture of an orange peel
Subsequent To follow or happens next; Something to happen after
Syncope Fainting
Thermal sensitivity Heat vulnerable; heat sensitive
Translucent See through
Trismus Limited open of the mouth
Trituration Mixing; Triturator mixes the Alloy and Mercury together
Tuberculocidal activity Efficacy against Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Unit dose A Dose per unit
User Operator
Verification Authorization; getting an OK
Verses One thing compared to another
Vertical Up and down direction; opposite of horizontal
Horizontal Side to side direction; opposite of vertical.
Created by: cadengel