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DA 160

Chapters 25 & 26 Radiology

Disability Physical or mental impairment that limits life's activities
Edentulous With out teeth
Endodontic patient Patient without teeth; Patient that needs endodontic treatment
Gag reflex A feeling of needing to gag; sensitive tissue in the back of the throat triggers the gag reflex
Stimuli Touch
Alveolar bone Maxilla and Mandibular bone structure that supports roots and teeth
Anterior nasal spine Sharp projection of Maxilla bone located anterinferior portion of the nasal cavity
Cancellous bone Soft spongy bone located between 2 layers of dense cortical bone
Cortical Dense outer layer of bone
Dentin Tooth layer under enamel and surrounding the pulp cavity
Enamel The strongest structure/layer; outermost radiopaque layer of the crown of a tooth
Foramen Hole or openings in bone that allows nerves and blood to pass
Fossa Shallow, depressed area of the bone
Genial tubercles Under tongue; Tiny bumps of bone located on the lingual of the mandible in the anterior region
Hamulus Hook like projection of bone that extends from medial pterygoid plate of the spheroid bone
Incisive foremen On roof of mouth; Hole or opening in bone located at the midline of the anterior portion of the hard palate
Inverted Y Maxillary sinus and nasal cavity meet
Lamina Dura Wall of tooth socket that surrounds the root of tooth
Lingual foramen Hole or opening in bone; surrounded by genial tubercles, see in the roof of mouth
Maxillary sinus Paired cavities; Located on the maxillary near premolars & molars
Maxillary tubercles Rounded bone that extends posterior to the 3rd molar
Mental Foramen Located on the external surface of the mandible on the premolars region
Nasal cavity Pear shaped located in back maxillary
Nasal septum Vertical bony wall that divides nasal cavity into right and left
Zygomatic process Part of the Maxilla bone, helps form cheeks; dense cortical bone
Created by: cadengel
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