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USIDMS Extracranial Carotid

what is a major indication for a duplex scan of the carotid and vertebral arteries? asymptomatic neck bruit; hemispheric cerebral or ocular transient ischemic attacks, history of stroke, screening prior to major cardiac surgery
symptoms occur on what side of the body with a TIA? opposite to the affected carotid artery and cerebral hemisphere
how long do symptoms of a RIND last? about 24-72 hours
what type of resistance does the ICA have? low resistance
what helps reduce symptoms of high grade stenoses of the ICA? circle of Willis
what is bleeding within the plaque beneath an intact fibrous cap referred to as? intraplaque hemorrhage
what is the etiology of carotid artery thrombosis most often related to? progressive atherosclerotic plaque
which is located more posteriorly, the ICA or ECA? ICA
what is the first and largest branch of the aortic arch? brachiocephalic artery
what is the last branch of the aortic arch? left subclavian artery
what are the principal arteries supplying the head and neck? right and left common carotid arteries
which CCA branches directly from the aortic arch? left CCA
which of the carotid arteries has branches? external
where is the most common location for a stenosis? bulb or Ica
what is the most common pathology seen in a carotid ultrasound? atherosclerosis
Created by: bnlane