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Free Expression

Comparative+Superlatives Unit 28

great (ótimo) greater than / the greatest
slow (de vagar) slower than / the slowest
kind (bondoso) kinder than / the kindest
cold (frio) colder than / the coldest
warm (morno-quente) warmer than / the warmest
clean (limpo) cleaner than / the clenest
full (cheio) fuller than / the fullest
young (joven) younger than / the youngest
old (velho) older than / the oldest
light (leve-claro) lighter than / the lighest
dark (escuro) darker than / the darkest
tall (alto p pessoas) taller than / the tallest
short (baixo - curto) shorter than / the shortest
small (pequeno) smaller than / the smallest
large (largo - grande) larger than / the largest
cheap (barato) cheaper than / the cheapest
nice (bom - legal) nicer than / the nicest
hard (duro - dificil) harder than / the hardest
long ( long - comprido) longer than / the longest
near (perto) nearer than / the nearest
bright (claro - inteligente) brighter than / the brighest
wide (amplo) wider than / the widest
fast (rápido) faster than / the fastest
soft (macio) softer than / the softest
good (bom) better than / the best
bad (ruim) worse than / the worst
busy (ocupado) busier than / the busiest
dirty (sujo) distier than / the dirtiest
empty (vazio) emptier than / the emptiest
happy (feliz) happier than / the happiest
hungry (faminto) hungriet than / the hungriest
thirsty (sedento) thistier than / the thirtiest
sunny (ensoralado) sunnier than / the sunniest
easy (fácil) easier than / the easiest
lucky (sortudo) luckier than / the luckiest
quicky (ligeiro) quickier than /the quickiest
pretty (bonito) prettier than / the prettiest
funny (engraçado) funnier than / the funniest
early (cedo) earlier than / the earliest
beautiful (lindo) more beautiful than / the most beautiful
different (diferente) more different than / the most different
wonderful (maravilhoso) more wondeful than / the most wonderful
forgetful (esquecido) more forgetful than / the most forgetful
stubborn (teimoso) more stubborn than / the most stubborn
patient (paciente) more patient than / the most patient
interesting (interessante) more interesting than / the most interesting
expensive (caro) more expensive than / the most expensive
attractive (atraente) more attractive than / the most attractive
difficult (difícil) more difficult than / the most difficult
intelligent (inteligente) more intelligent than / the most intelligent
Created by: Sonia Nascimento