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Final: Ch 28&29

Coronal Polish & Pit and Fissures

Tx Intrusion Teeth pre-erupt on their own
Indications for SSC Extensive carious lesions
Indications for SSC Hypoplastic or hypocalcified teeth
Indications for SSC Tx following a pulpotomy or pulpectomy
Indications for SSC Temporary restorations of fractured teeth
Indications for SSC Primary tooth is used as an abutment tooth for space maintainer
Direct Pulp Cap Exposed through mechanical, traumatic means with a chance of a favorable response. Will heal or root canal needed
Pulpotomy Remove portion of pulp if primary or young permanent teeth exposed
Indirect Pulp Tx Pulp not yet exposed, can be exposed while removing caries
Badly Decayed Teeth Tx Stainless Steel Crown permanently cemented in place
Tongue Thrusting Causes an anterior open bite
Preventive Procedures Educating Patient- Diet
Preventive Procedures Oral hygiene
Preventive Procedures Flourides
Preventive Procedures PF Sealants
Preventive Procedures Mouth Guards
Preventive Procedures Some Ortho Tx
Reduce Childs Anxiety Conscious sedation and nitrious oxide
Subjective Fear Suggestion from others
Objective Fear Own experiences
Dental Team Consistency Management Policies, Procedure Sequences, Same Terminology
1st Visit 2-6
Cons for Sealants Carie free for 4yrs+
Cons for Sealants Shallow open grooves
Cons for Sealants Teeth well-coalesced
Cons for Sealants Allergic to Methacrylate
Sealants Remain in Place for? 5-10yrs
Child Abuse Report Social Services Agency, Police, CPS
Universal Curette Used throughtout the mouth
Gingivitis Inflammation of the gingiva tissue
Gracey Curette Used in specific areas of mouth
Sickle Scaler Remove supragingival calculus
Sickle Scaler Two cutting edges along the margins of the curved blade
Epithlial Attatchment Area at bottom of sulcus where gingiva attaches to tooth
Gingivectomy Surgical removal of diseased gingival tissue that forms the perio pocket
Gingivoplasty Reshaping the gingival tisse to remove deformities such as cleft craters and enlargements
Motion For Flossing Up and Down
Healthy Sulcus 1-3mm deep
Periodontal Knives Remove gingival tissue during periodontal surgery
Prophylaxis Coronal surfaces are polished with rubber cups, brushes, an abrasive and dental tape and floss
Routine Prophylaxis Deposits from above and just slightly below the gingival margins are removed
Systemic Factors For Perio Disease Hormonal imbalances, hereditory predisposition, certain disease & medication
Bard Parker Scalpel Aka surgical scalpel
Periodontal Flap Surgery Involves surgically seperating the gingiva from the underlying tissue
Periodontal Office Radiographs Full series
Destruction of Interridicular Bone Furcation involvement
Avulsed Tooth Tooth completely removed from mouth
Rubber Cup Flexed 1-2 along gingival margin
Indications for Sealants Low to moderate Caries
Indications for Sealants Practices good oral hygiene
Indications for Sealants Teeth erupted enough for occlusal surface to be accessible
Indications for Sealtants Balanced diet
Indications for Sealants Good quantity and quality of saliva
Indications for Sealants Has fluoride water or takes fluoride supplement
Soft Deposits Include acquired dental pellicle, materia alba, food debris, and plaque
Extrinsic Stains Yellow and brown stains, tobacco stains, green stains, black line stain, orange stain, chlorhexidine stain
Created by: mrmz
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