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english words

infant mortality the number of children dying when they are still babies
poverty the state of having little money
subordination being less important or powerful than another /being a lower rank.
exploitation use something or someone unfairly or selfishly
deprived prevent someone from having or take away from someone. prevent someone from not having the things that are necessary for a comfortable or happy life
eradication the act of destroying or eliminate something completely
transmit to send or pass something from one person or place to another
maternal of our like a mother
efficient work well without mistake or wasting energy
malnutrition bad health resulting from not enough or bad food
intervention the act of preventing something from happening. influencing the result of something
conservative traditional:not liking change
fertility state of being able to produce offspring
degradation the situation and experience that makes you feel ashamed and angry
exacerbate to make a bad situation worse
Created by: maxime lefebvre