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Chp.5 Nutrition

Fats Nutrition

Largest Least dense Lipoprotein Chylomicrons
What is the Role of Bile Emulsifys Fats,breaks it to droplets
What are the Three types of Lipids Triglyercides,Sterlos,Phospholipids
What is a Saturated Fat No carbon bonded toegther but has a Double bond
Most Common Phospholipids Lecithin
What does a Phospholipid do? Emulsify and transport fats into the blood stream
Fat is said to be "low in Fat" if? has less then 3g in 100kcal foods
Sterol Found in Food/body ring stucturelowers LDL
What hormone is need to secrete bile? CCK Chole-cysto-kin-in
What can the mouth produce to break fat Lingual Lipase
Function of a Micelle Transports fats
Linoleic Omega 6 14-17g malesOmega 6 11-12g females
Alpha Linoleic Omega 3 1.6g malesOmega 3 1.1g females
AMDR of fats 25-35%
DRI for an athelete 20-25% total energy as FATS
LDL Lower Density Lipoproteins (BAD CHOLESTEROL)
VLDL produced in the liver transports triglycerides in the body
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