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Unit 15 Vocab

Wistful full of melancholy
data info,facts,figures
wholesome healthy
retaliate to get revenge
beserk violently and destructively engared
encounter a meeting especially one that is up planed);a meeting of enemies
uncouth unrefined, crude
prosecute to bring before a court of law for trail
epic (noun)long narrative poem (adj.)vast,titanic
pantomime a play or story without words or actors using only gestures
detract to take away
precaution care taken beforehand
underscore to draw a line under
pessimist one who believes or expects the worst
sham fake,not genuine
beacon a light or other signal that warms and guides
chasten to punish
celstial having to do with the sky or heavens
confiscate to seize by authority
puncture a small hole made by a sharp object
Created by: Zle6e