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Biomed Final

Endocrine to Reproductive

functions of hormones? metabolism: blood sugar biological clock contraction of cardiac and smooth muscle some immune function growth and development reproduction
what is down regulation? hormone is present in excess, the number of target cell receptors may decrease makes the target cell less sensitive to a hormone
what is up regulation? when a hormone is deficient, the number of receptors may increase makes the target cell more sensitive to a hormone
what are paracrine? local hormones that act on neighboring cells
what are autocrine? hormones that act on the same cell that secreted them
what are the lipid soluble hormones? steroid hormones thyroid hormones nitric oxide
what are the water soluble hormones? amine hormones peptide hormones eicosanoid hormones
what is permissive effect? action of some hormones on target cells require a simultaneous or recent exposure to a second hormone can either increase the amount of receptors on a target cell or promote synthesis of an enzyme required for expression
what is a synergistic effect? when the effect of two hormones aging together is greater or more extensive than the effect of each hormone acting alone
what are special about eicosanoid hormones? derived from fat but they are water soluble
what are effective oral medications as hormones? steroid hormones and thyroid hormones (lipids)
what are NOT effective oral medications as hormones? insulin, peptide and protein hormones because they are broken down by digestion (water soluble)
what is the cascade effect of water soluble hormones getting into the cell hormone, G protein, adenylate cyclase, cAMP, protein kinase
what are some second messengers? calcium ions, cGMP, inositol triphosphate (IP3) or Diacyl glycerl (DAG)
what is another name for anterior pituitary? adenohypophysis
Created by: Chobchi