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CP virus & immunity

virus and immunity

Antibiotics are used to clear up bacterial infections.
virus nonliving because it cannot reproduce on its own
general structure outer protein coat and RNA or DNA
lytic cycle after entering the host cell, the virus hijacks the DNA, replicates, bursts and releases new viruses.
Lysogenic Cycle after entering the host cell, the virus is integrated into th host cell and ruptures after several generations.
Varicella virus that causes chicken pox/shingles
Herpes Simplex I virus that causes cold sores
first line of defense skin and mucus
2nd line of defense release of chemicals from cells
Helper T cells “activate” white blood cells called B cells
B cells can create memory cells that stay in the body in case another infection arises
what if a cell is already infected? Helper T cells alert Killer T cells and poke holes in the infected cell to kill it
active immunity comes from exposure to a disease; longer lasting
passive immunity comes from mother to baby; not permanent
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