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DA 140

Chapter 34 Dantal Dam/Tofflemire & Amalgam/Composite

Matrix Band Wraps around tooth and held by Tofflemire to secure tooth; works as artificial wall during restoration
Clear Plastic Matrix Used on composite restorations; works with Tofflemire and wraps around tooth to secure mesial and distal walls
Vise Holds ends of matrix in place diagonal slots of Tofflemire
Spindle Screw like rod that secures band in vise in Tofflemire; by turning the outer knob
Outer Knob Tightens and loosens spindle against band in vise; makes band tight in Tofflemire
Tofflemire Retainer For posterior restorations (class II); creates artificial wall around tooth
Jaw Part of clamp that expands to fit over tooth then released to securely fit on 1/3 of tooth
Bow The arch part of the clamp
Overhang Excess material left behind interproximal after restoration
Wedges Small triangular pieces of wood or plastic. Inserted interproximal during restorations to secure Tofflemire band
Class II Cavity Posterior proximal and occlusal
Class I Cavity Pits and Fissures
Class III Cavity Interproximal on anterior
Class IV Cavity Interproximal anterior and incisal edge
Class V Cavity Cervical 1/3; at gum line
Ligature Placing floss or cord to secure stabilized dental dam
Inversion Tucking edges of dental dam around tooth; stops leaking around gingival margin
Winged Clamps vs Wingless Clamps Winged - have extra projection for better retraction; angled towards gingival Wingless - no projections and have "W" on clamp
Punch Plate Part of working end on the dental dam punch; the dial turns for different sized holes to punch
Septum Dental Dam material that slides between teeth
Key Punch Hole 1st and largest hole punched; this hole slides over clamp and over anchor tooth
Anchor tooth Tooth that clamp is placed on
Circumference Area around; Edge that faces towards gingival. Larger circumference edge faces towards occlusal
Stylus Pointy sharp projection on Dental Dam Punch that punches hole
Created by: cadengel