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Borderlands Quuuiiz

AAAugh! They are coming out of the wall sphincters!

Let's start slow. Which brand specializes in elemental weaponry? Maliwan
What brand produces EXPLOSIONS!? Torgue
What is the name of the first major boss in bl 2 and playable character bl 1.5? Wilhelm
What borderlands 2 brand produces the greatest variety of guns? Bandit
What is a weapon infused with eridium called? e-tech
Who does the music for Borderlands 1 and 2? Jesper Kyd
What element in bl2 has no innate weaknesses against any health type? Shock
How many "Moxxi" weapons are there? 13
What weapon type was merged with pistols in bl2? Revolvers
What company authorized the production of e-tech and slag guns? Hyperion
Who is the owner of the second vault key piece in bl1? Krom
What brand has the signature characteristic of explosive reloads? Tediore
Who's action skill entails invisibility and a decoy? Zer0
Who is the spiritual successor to crawmerax? Terramorphous
Who is everyone's favorite blind space redneck cripple turned zombie? TK Baha
Who is Brick's aptly named rival in bl2? Mortar
Created by: Dungeness Creb