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chapter 15

Darwin noticed that many organisms seemed well suited to Surviving in the environment they inhabited
On the Galapagos islands, Charles Darwin observed Somewhat similar species, with traits that suited their particular environments
The species of finches that Charles Darwin found on the Galapagos Islands displayed different structural adaptations. One of the adaptations that Darwin noted was the Birds different shaped beaks
Based on the adaptations Charles Darwin observed in finches and tortoises in the Galapagos he wondered if species living on different islands had once been memebers of the same species
Darwin began to formulate his concept of evolution by natural selection after Observations of many species and their geographical location
James Hutton's and Charles Lyell's work suggests that Earth is many millions of years old
In the 1800's Charles Lyell emphasized that past geological events must be explained in terms of processes observable today
James Hutton's and Charles Lyell's work was important to Darwin because these scientists Suggested that Earth was old enough for evolution to have occured
Jean Baptiste Lamarck proposed that organisms Have an innate tendency toward complexity and perfection
Which is a major concept included in Lamarck's theory of evolution? Body structure can change according to the actions of the organisms
Lamarck's theory of evolution includes the concept that new organs in a species appear as a result of The actions of organisms as they use or fail to use body structures
The idea that only famine, disease, and war could prevent the endless growth of human populations was presented by Thomas Malthus
Darwin realized that the economist Malthus's theory of population control could be generalized to any population of organisms
In 1859 Charles Darwin published his revolutionary scientific ideas in a work titled on the origin of species
Darwin was prompted to publish his theory of evolution by an essay by Wallace on evolution
Why might Darwin have hesitated to publish his concept of evolution by natural selection? He was disturbed by his findings, which challenged fundamental scientific beliefs
Charles Darwin's observation that finches of different species on the Galapagos Islands have many similar physical characteristics supports the hypothesis that these finches Descended from a common ancestor
According to Darwin's theory of natural selection, individuals who survive are the ones best adapted for their environment. Their survival is due to the possession of inherited adaptations that maximize fitness
When farmers select animals or plants to use for breeding, they look for natural variations that are present in a species
when a farmer breeds only his or her best livestock, the process involved is artificial selection
Which statement about the members of a population that live long enough to reproduce is consistent with the theory of natural selection? They are the ones that are best adapted to survive in their environment
Charles Darwin called the ability of an organism to survive and reproduce in its specififc environment fitness
According to Darwins theory of natural selection, the individuals that tend to survive are those that have variations best suited to the environment
Which of the following phrases best describes the results of natural selection? Changes in the inherited characteristics of a population over time
An adaptation is an inherited characteristic that can be Physical or behavioral
Modern sea star larvae resemble some primitive vertebrate larvae. This similarity may suggest that primitive vertebrates Share a common ancestor with sea stars
Darwin's concept of evolution was NOT influenced by knowledge about the structure of DNA
People of Charles Darwin's time understood that fossils were preserved remains of ancient organisms
The number and location of bones of many fossil vertebrates are similar to those in living vertebrates. Most biologists would probably explain this fact on the basis of A common ancestor
Charles Darwin viewed the fossil record as A detailed record of evolution
The hypothesis that species change over time by natural selection was proposed by Charles Darwin
Darwins theory of evolution suggests that Species change over time
Which phrase best defines evolution by natural selection? A process of change in species over time
James Hutton and Charles Lyell held similar views about Earth's age. Both thought that Earth was _______ of years old Millions
The geologist ________ proposed that past changes in Earth must be explained in terms of events and processes observable today Lyell
According to Lamarck, evolution resulted from the inheritance of ____________ traits aquired
According to_______'s theory of the inheritance of acquired traits, the long legs of certain shore birds could be acquired by frequent wading in water and then passed on to offspring Lamarck
Charles Darwin observed that instead of being perfect and unchanging, individuals in a species show ___________ variation
Charles Darwin concluded that, in similar environments around the world, ____________________ could produce similar structures in unrelated species natural selection
Certain animal structures that have different functions in different species and develop from the same embryonic tissues are called____________ structures. Homolygous
According to Darwins theory of evolution, _________ change over time Species
According to Darwin's theory of evolution all species on Earth are united by _______ common ancestors
Darwin proposed that natural selection took place as individuals best suited to the ___________ survived and reproduced environment
Charles Darwin realized that the measure of success for an organism was not only a long period of survival but also ___________ reproduction
Main evidence scientists used to prepare these diagrams? Fossils
Differences in turtle bodies? Differs depending on island they live on
How might the vegetation have affected the evolution of the Hood island tortoise? IF its hard to reach the turtle probably needed a longer neck to reach its food.
Created by: maddydogking
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