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USIDMS Abdominal Vessles/Muskuloskeletal

what does the celiac artery branch into? left gastric artery, splenic artery, and common hepatic artery
which of the celiac branches is the smallest? largest? smallest: left gastric artery largest: splenic artery
what is the average size of the aorta? 2 cm at the most superior portion
the abdominal aorta should never exceed how many centimeters 3
what is the tunica media made up of? smooth muscle and connective tissue
what does the vaso vasorum do? compromises the tiny arteries and veins that supply the walls of blood vessels
what are the 2 branches of the left renal vein? 1. left gonadal 2. left suprarenal (adrenal)
what is the average size of the IVC? 2-3cm
when do the valves open and close in the IVC? open: during systole close: during diastole
what does the portal system do? carries blood and nutrients from the bowel and abdominal organs to the liver for metabolism and detoxification
what does the portal vein drain? mesentery system
what 3 structures does the portal triad include? 1. portal vein 2. common bile duct 3. common hepatic artery
what is hepatopetal flow? portal venous flow towards the liver, more of a continuous flow
what is atheroma ? lipid deposit on intima (actual plaque build up)
what is arteriosclerosis? hardening of artery
what is atherosclerosis? type of arteriosclerosis: irregular lipid deposits on intima
what is a true aneurysm? lined by all 3 layers of the aorta
how does a saccular aneurysm appear? shows a sudden transition between normal and abnormal and is somewhat spherical and larger
what is budd-chiari syndrome? a thrombosis of hepatic veins
what does portal hypertension typically occur with? liver disease
what happens with portal hypertension? collateral circulation develops, blood flow is hepatofugal, so it is trying to find an alternate route, so it forms collaterals so that it can get back to the heart
what is TIPS? trans-jugular intra-hepatic porto-systemic shunt replacement
what does the TIPS do? goes directly from portal vein to hepatic vein or IVC
what do tendons connect? muscle to bone
what is the thickness of sheath? a couple of millimeters
what is the normal measurement of a ligament 2-3mm thick
what do ligaments connect? bone to bone
what does bursa help with? friction
what is the largest tendon in the body? achilles tendon
what is tenosynovitis? inflammation of the lining of the sheath that surrounds a tendon
Created by: bnlane