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New words week 2


Inept (adj) acting or done with no skill
Devour (v) to eat all of sth quickly, esp beacause you are very hungry SYN: gobble up
Discharge form (n) thủ tục xuất viện
Viable (adj) 1, that can be done, that will be successful 2, capable of developing and surviving independently
Curfew giờ giới nghiêm
A damsel in distress (humorous) a woman who needs help
Hyperventilate (v) to breath too quickly because you are very frightened or excited
Redemption (n) 1, the act of saving or state of being saved from the power of evil; the act of redeeming 2, the act of exchanging shares for money (= of redeeming them)
Ephemeral (adj) short-lived
Trivial (adj) >< vital, important
Enquiry (n) Investigation
Demographics (n) số liệu thống kê về dân số
Sumptuous (adj) very expensive and looking very impressive
Insulate sb/sth from/against sth (v) to protect sb/sth from unpleasant experiences or influences SYN: shield
In the raw in the way that doesn't hide the unpleasant aspects of sth
Innocuous (adj) 1, not intended to offend or upset anyone SYN: harmless 2, not harmful or dangerous SYN: harmless
Terrain (n) địa hình
Turmoil (n) a state of great anxiety and confusion SYN: confusion
Imminent (adj) (esp of sth unpleasant)likely to happen very soon
Pristine (adj) 1, fresh and clean, as if new SYN:immaculate 2, not developed or changed in any way; left in its original condition SYN: unspoiled
Exacerbate (v) to make sth worse, esp a disease or a problem SYN: aggravate
Zone (v) 1, sth for sth: to keep an area of land to be used for a particular purpose 2, to divide an area of land into smaller areas
Sediment (n) 1, the solid material that settles at the bottom of a liquid 2, sand, stones, mud, etc, carried by water or wind and left, for example on the bottom of a lake, river, etc.
Graze (v) 1, (of cows, sheep, etc.) to eat grass that is growing in a field / to put them there to eat 2, on sth: to eat small amounts of food many times during the day, often while doing other things, instead of eating 3 meals
Quadruple (v) to make sth / become 4 times bigger
Trawl (v) to search through a large amount of information or a large number of people, places, etc. looking for a particular thing or person
Prawn (n) Bre of Shrimp (NAmE)
Infiltrate (v) to enter or make sb enter a place or an organization secretly, esp i order to get information that can be used against it
Acquire (v) to gain sth by your own efforts, ability or behaviour
Blockbuster (adj)
Artefact (n)/ Artifact an object that is made by a person, esp sth of historical or cultural interest
Lavish (adj) 1,large in amount, or impressive and usually costing a lot of money SYN: extravagant, luxurious 2, with/in sth: giving or doing sth generously
Stimulate (v) 1,to make sth develop or become more active, to encourage sth 2,to make sb interested and excited about sth
Fiduciary activities các hoạt động ủy thác
Collateral (n. adj) (n) vật thế chấp (adj)connected with sth else, but in addition to it and less important
Mutual fund quỹ tương hỗ
Pension fund quỹ hưu trí
Created by: Scarlett Hoang
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