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Spanish word list

world list

Desconocido unknown
incapaz not able to
inmovil not able to move
lento slow
sereno peacefull
pesimo terible
Desconocido unknown
incapaz not able to
inmovil not able to move
lento slow
sereno peacefull
pesimo terible
melancolico melancholy
gigantesco gigantic
avido greedy
emocionado exited
embustero exited
profundo profound, deep
culpable culpable,guilty
cobarde coward
Desconcertado disconcerted, unsettle
gallardo valiant,brave,smart,graceful
soberbio arrogant, conceited
doliente ill, suffering,sorrowful
espeluznante hair-raising, horrifying
gratuito free, gratuitous
voluntad volition,willpower, intencion
duradero lasting,durable
complejo complex
desconsolado discouraged,outgoing
exagerado exaggerated
extrovertido extroverted,outgoing
introvertido introverted,shy
ansioso anxious
indesifrable undecipherable
confiable reliable,trustworthy
hurtadillas slyly, artfully,stelthy
jovial Jovial,happy,festive
habil skillful,clever.
rebelde rebellious
Franco frank, straightfoward
*Sencillo simple (facil), straightforward
Descuidado careless
Picturesque, Colorful
Predecible predictable,
predilecto favorite,
***Predileccion(por) preference
Pensionado Pensioner
Sobresaliente Above and beyond
Versatil versatile
amplio ample, wider
candido naive, guileless
celebre celebrate, famous
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