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Verbs 1007-1113

French verbs 1007-1113

Definition Term
to agree with concorder avec
to compete with concourir avec
to complete concurrencer
to condemn condamner
to condescend to condescendre à
to condition conditionner
to make confectionner
to confer, bestow conférer
to confess confesser
to entrust confier
to configure configurer
to confine confiner
to confirm confirmer
to confiscate confisquer
to converge, flow together confluer
to confound confondre
to conform to se conformer à
to confront confronter
to dismiss congédier
to freeze congeler
to conjecture, speculate conjecturer
to join in marriage conjoindre
to conjugate conjuguer
to beseech conjurer
to connect connecter
to connect to (the Internet) se connecter à
to consecrate, devote consacrer
to devote oneself to se consacrer à
to preserve conserver
to consider considérer
to deposit consigner
to consist of consister en
to console consoler
to consolidate consolider
to consume, use up consommer
to conspire conspirer
to make a statement of fact constater
to appall, dismay consterner
to constitute constituer
to consult consulter
to burn up consumer
to contact contacter
to contaminate contaminer
to contemplate contempler
to content contenter
to dispute contester
to bypass, circumvent contourner
to annoy, bother, frustrate contrarier
to contrast with contraster avec
to counterfeit contrefaire
to contribute contribuer
to control contrôler
to bruise contusionner
to converge converger
to converse converser
to convert convertir
to invite convier
to covet convoiter
to convene, summon convoquer
to convulse convulser
to cooperate coopérer
to coordinate coordonner
to copy copier
to sound a horn, turn down the corner of a page corner
to correspond correspondre
to corroborate corroborer
to liven up, spice up corser
to corset, constrict corseter
to contribute cotiser
to be next to, mix with côtoyer
to rub elbows with, mix with coudoyer
to flow couler
to couple coupler
to bend courber
couronner to crown
to anger courroucer
to short-circuit court-circuiter
to cost coûter
to sit on (eggs), to plot couver
to spit cracher
to cling to, hang on se cramponner
to crack, crackle craqueler
to crack craquer
to doodle, scribble crayonner
to credit with créditer de
to crackle (sound), sputter crépiter
to dig creuser
to crack, chap (skin) crevasser
to burst, puncture crever
to burst with crever de
to screen, sift, riddle (with bullets) cribler
to flex, tense crisper
to crystallize cristalliser
to criticize critiquer
to pick, to crochet crocheter
to cross, to bump into someone croiser
to crunch croquer
to collapse, crumble crouler
to stagnate croupir
to crucify crucifier
to cook cuisiner
to somersault, tumble culbuter
to culminate, peak culminer
to cultivate cultiver
to clean (ears, nails, teeth) by scraping curer
to ferment (wine) cuver
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