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Finance Vocab

Finance Vocabulary

What is money you make called? Income
Hanging onto your money for a future use instead of spending it. Saving
Pay out (money) in buying or hiring goods or services. Spending
An example of this is depositing money in a bank or by buying a bond or stock in a company Investing
When a customer obtains goods or services before payment, based on the promise that payment will be made in the future. Credit
The opposite of spending Saving
Using your money to try to make more money Investing
What is a salary or money you make at job called? Income
CARS and HOUSES are usually bought using this because no one has CASH for such large purchases. Credit
Consumers do this with their money. Spend
An example of this is buying real estate (a home or business building) Investing
If you don’t pay the bank back, you might not be able to buy something using this in the future Credit
This is what you create to help guide and or track your spending. Budget
Going to the store and purchasing something without paying cash or a debit card means you have used this. Credit
Going to Sonic and purchasing a large grape slushie and chili cheese tater tots is an example of this. Spending
Buying a house is an example of this. Investing
Writing down what you plan to spend your money on is an example of this. Budget
Putting money aside to use for another time is an example of this. Saving
Created by: angela.higgs