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Unit 2 My Family

my (weak pronoun) مې
your (weak pronoun) دې
his/her (weak pronoun) يې
your/our (weak pronoun) مو
their (weak pronoun) يې
driver موټروان
mason ګلکار/بنا/خټګر
businessman سوداګر
busy مصروف
number/quantity شمېر
position/post پُست/پوست
information معلومات
illness ناروغي/مريضي/ناجوړي
back ملا/شا
children واړهٔ/ماشومان/کوچنيان
money exchanger صراف
marital status سدني حالت
height قد
uncle ترهٔ
to live/to reside اوسېدل
to go تبب
to come راتلل
to give (to me) راکول
here دلې/دلته
near نژوې
there هلته/ورې
huge/big لوی/غټ
small کوجنی/وړوکی
skinny ډنګر/وچ
fat جاغ/جاق
high/tall موړ/جګ
low/short ټيټ
short لنډ
beautiful ښکلی/ښايسته
clever/smart هوښيار/ځيرک
ugly بدرنګ
stupid/simple بې عقل/ساده
strong/powerful قوي/زورور
weak ضعيف
young/adolescent ځوان
elder مشر
old زوړ
junior کشر
happy خوشحال
sad خفه/خپه/خوابدی
rich/wealthy مالدار/شتمن/خان
talented/strong تکړه
new نوی
a lot/too much زيات/ډېر
tired ستړی
with سره
but خو
pet (domesticated animal) کورنی حيوان
parrot طوطي
cat پشی/لنګور
dog سپی
district (in a city) ناحيه
with (the third person/thing) ورسره
with one's father له خپل پلار سره
the truth is that, in fact رښتيا چې
thank God شکر دی
everything is OK خيريت دی
I am not aware خبر نهٔ يم
date of birth دزېږيدونېټه
to remember يادول
to emphasize تاکيد کول
to announce اعلاتول
to want/look for a job کار غوښتل
to hurt/to cause pain درد کول
to look کتل
to ache/be hurt هوږيدل
very ډېر
inside دننه
Created by: AbbyRivard



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