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1-Burton MKTG1

Marketing Overview

Which of the following is an example of producer-to-consumer marketing? Brian buys produce from a road-side fruit stand
In a normal business transaction the _________ buys the product and the _________ uses the product. Customer, Consumer
Which of the following is NOT an example of Form Utility? Department Store
Which of the following are kinds of marketing Utility? I- Information- ii- Possession- iii- Service- iv- Place- v- Exchange I, ii, & iv
In a communist country, a government controlled economy is called… Planned economy
Which of the following is NOT a faction of a “Free Enterprise” economy? Subsidiaries
Which of the following government agencies regulates worker safety in the workplace? OSHA
In a “Free Enterprise” economy, a ________ does not exist. Monopoly
A country’s GDP is it’s… Gross Domestic Product
The purpose of the CPI -Consumer Price Index- is to… None of the above
In the chart below, the area marked in the rectangle is commonly known as… Equilibrium
Which of the following is an example of Psychographics? Personal Values
Which of the following is an example of Primary research? Focus Group
Which of the following is NOT an example of Test market
R.O.M.I. Stands for Return On Marketing Investment True
Which of the following is and example of marketing investment? Renting a billboard
Created by: gman9596