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Fetal Anomalies Review

What is a cystic hygroma? A malfaormation of the lymphatic system that leads to single or multiloculated lymph-filled cavities around the neck.
What type of abnormality often occurs in fetuses that have cystic hygromas? Turners Syndrome
What is Acrania? A lethal anomaly that manifests as abnsence of the cranial bones.
What percent mortality rate does a fetus have with cystic hygroma and hydrops? 100%
T or F: Cleft lip/palate may be unilateral or bilateral? True
What is arhinia? A nasal anomaly - absence of the nose.
What is hypertelorism? Abnormally wide spaced orbits.
What is hypotelorism? A characteristic characterized by decreased distance between the orbits.
What is macroglossia? An enlarged tounge.
What is craniosynostasis? Premature closure of any or all six of the cranial sutures, which causes the fetal cranium to become abnormally shaped. AKA clover- leaf skull
What is midface hypoplasia? Maxillary hypoplasia with depressed or absent nalal bridge, is an underdevelopment of the middle structures of the face.
What us cyclopia associated with? Hypotelorism
Can a cleft lip occur without a cleft palate? Yes
What is a proboscis? A tubular appendage superior to an absent nose.
What is cebocephaly? A nose with one nostril.
What is frontal bossing? Protruding frontal bones, and may have a depressed nasal bridge.
What is microgathia? A recessed mandible or chin.
What is prognosis for beckwith weidman syndrome? A 21% mortality rate due to congestive heart failure.
What is hydrops? An excessive accumulation of serous fluid in tissues or cavities of the body.
What is cryptorchidism? One or both testicles are within the lower abdomen rather than the scrotum.
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