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Food Micro

Foodbourne Bacteria

Byssochlamys - produces ascospores (heat resistint)- spoilage of fruit- Mold
Thamnidium - Small branched structures- High humidity mold- spoilage of stored eggs
Fusarium - Sickle-shaped multicellular conidia- Rot of fruits and potatoes- Mold
Penicillium - blue-green brushlike condia head- used in cheese production (bioprocessing)- Mold
Aspergillus - xerophilic - grows in dry conditions- flavus - produces toxin- oryzae - spoils grains & jams- Mold
Alternaria - Cross & longitudinal septa- spoilage of fruits- Mold
Geotrichum - Rectangular arthrospores- Called dairy mold- spoilage of dairy products - imparts flavor and aroma
Cladosporium - dark tree like budding conidia- spoils butter & margarine- Mold
Rhizopus - non-septate hyphae with rhizoids & stolons- stolonifer known as bread mold
Botyritis - long stiff conidiophores- grey rot of fruits- mold
Mucor - no stolons or rhizoids- bioprocessing for some species of rennet- mold
Created by: kimbuch4