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DMS333-KW 7

USIDMS MSK and Abdominal Vessels

What do tendons connect? muscle to bone
What do ligaments connect? bone to bone or cartilage to bone
What are the two types of muscle tears? distraction (indirect), compression (direct)
Tingling with nerve percussion is known as? Tineal's sign
Pain when the wrist is flexed for a minute or longer is known as? Phalen's sign
What is the most common site for a tendon tear? Achilles Tendon
Are tendons hyper or hypoechoic on ultrasound? hyperechoic
What is the name for the small sac between two moving surfaces? bursa
Cysts that are located behind the knee are known as? Baker's cysts
What is the name of the inner layer of an artery tunica intima
Which hepatic artery supplies the caudate and left lobe of the liver? left hepatic
Which branch of the celiac trunk is the largest? splenic artery
What merges to form the IVC? common iliac vein
What vein carries blood to the liver? portal vein
What vein drains blood from the stomach,spleen, and pancreas? splenic vein
What syndrome is caused by the thrombosis of the hepatic veins? Budd-Chiari Syndrome
Where is tendinitis most often seen? shoulder, wrist, heel, elbow
Acute tendinitis is also called? tenosynovitis
What is an accumulation of serous fluid within tissue called? seroma
CTS is the compression of which nerve? median nerve
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