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Theatre Test

Aesthetic distance Enter into an imaginative world; separate from everyday reality
Auteur Director Attempts to present his/her own version of dramatic work; not necessarily of the playwright
Critics Observe theatre and then analyzes and comments on it
Reviewers Same as critics
Diegesis Conveying the action of a story through narrative voice
Mimesis Imiation of action
Methexis Group sharing; including audience; improvisation
Action Second essential of a dramatic structure; cause and effect; beginning, middle, and end
Conflict Third essential of a dramatic structure; collision of people in a drama that gives rise to dramatic action
Obstacle Hurdles blocking a character's path; outside force that introduces at an inopportune moment
Complication Same as obstacle
Crisis Results from obstacles and complications involving dramatic characters
Climax Final and most significant crisis. Issues of the play are resolved/ended
Exposition Details about the past to be introduced so the audience can understand the character or plot
Deus ex machine To save the action from its logical conclusion; untangles the knots
Subplot Parallel plot; technique of episodic drama
Ritual Reenactment of some transition that has special meaning; formal events; weddings
Dialogue Conversation between characters in a novel/short story
Stock character Character who has one outstanding trait of human behavior to the exclusion of all other attributes; seem like sterotypes
Commedia dell'arte A form of comic improvisational theatre that flourished in Italy from the late 1600 to the 1800
Chorus Sing and dance in a main plot
Protagonist Leading character
Antagonist Character opposing the protagonist
Tragedy Dramatic form involving serious actions of universal significance; unhappy ending
Comedy Concerned with issues that are not serious; amusing; happy ending
Slapstick Type of comedy that relies on ridiculous physical activity; violence
Farce Dramatic genre usually regarded as a subclass of comedy, with emphasis on plot complications and with few pretensions
Satire Dramatic techniques of comedy; use of irony, and wit; to attack and expose vice
Theatre of the absurd Plays expressing absurdity of existence
Realism Presenting everyday life events and issues onstage
Konstantin Stanislavsi Russian actor and director; Cofounder of the Moscow Art Theater in Russia
"Magic If" Stanislavski acting exercise; How would I react if I were in this character's position
Ensemble Recall Stanislavski exercise in helping performers present realistic emotions
Voice Projection Voice is used loudly and clearly in singing or speaking
Ensemble playing Acting that stresses the total artistic unity of a group performance rather than individual performances
General Audition 1st phase of the casting process
"Cattle call" Mass audition; prepared monologue
Callback Audition 2nd phase of casting process
"Sides" Small scenes that are being produced
Headshot A actor's face as a visual refernce
Actors' Equity Association Professional union of theatre actors and stage managers
Screen Actors Guild Professional unions for actors in films
Talent Agency/Agency Will arrange for audition and negotiate contracts
Spine/Throughline A character's dominant desire; usually thought of as an action and expressed as a verb
Casting Assigning roles to performers in a production
Audition Tryouts held for performers to be in a production
Blocking Pattern and arrangement of performers' movements onstage with respect to each other and to the stage space
Technical rehearsel All design and technical elements brought together
Run-through Rehearsal in which the cast goes through the whole text of the play in order that will be performed
Dress rehearsel Rehearsal which a play will be performed as it will be for the public
Stage Manager Person coordinates the rehearsal and performance
Dramaturg Literacy advisor or dramatic adviser of a theatre company
Artistic Director Person responsible for all creative and artistic activities
Proscenium Arch or frame surrounding the stage opening in a box or picture stage
"Fourth Wall" Audience looking into a room through an invisible fourth wall
Rake Upward slope of the stage floor away from the audience; position scenery on a slant
Fly loft Space where scenery may be lifted out of sight by pulleys
Thrust stage Theatre space where the audience sits on three sides of the stage
Traverse/ Tennis court stage Two sides of the stage filled with people
Arena stage/ Theatre-in-the-round Stage entirely surrounded by an audience
Black box Theatre space that is open and flexible without fix seating or stage arena
Environmental/ Site-specific staging Interaction with the audience at a restaurant
Ground plan Layout of stage design to indicate placements
Stage Areas ---
Wagon Low platform mounted on wheels to move items on and off stage
Flat Single piece of flat scenery to create a set
Scrim Thin, open wave fabric which is lit from behind (transparent) and opaque when lit from the front
Computer-aided design Use of computers to create design components such as ground plans
Scenic charge artist Person responsible in seeing that the sets are built and painted according to designer
Paint charge artist Person responsible in seeing that the hole scenery is painted
Dimmer Device in changing lightning intensity soomthly
Downlighting Lighting that comes directly overhead
Backlighting Lighting that comes from behind
Gobo Template determining the shape and arrangement of the beam
Follow spot Large, powerful spotlight with a sharp focus used to follow characters
Blackout Total darkening of the stage
Fade Slow dimming of lights
Motivated sounds Sounds called for in the script to recognize sources
Environmental sounds Noises from everyday life providing background
Peter Brock Creater of Empty space
Right stage Right side is the performer's view facing the audience
Left side Left side is the performer's view facing the audience
Director Person who coordinates and rehearses performers to ensure that interpret the text correctly
Script Blueprint
Theatre space Where the performers and audiences come together
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