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USIDMS Abdominal Vessels/Muscoskeletal

What is described as a hardening of the artery? arteriosclerosis
True or false. An atheroma is a lipid deposit on the intima. true
What is a swelling of the blood vessel that causes decreased wall strength? abdominal aortic aneurysm
What is the most common cause of a true AAA? arteriosclerosis
True or false. An aorta that measures 3 cm is considered normal. true
80% of AAA's occur __________, or below the renal arteries. infrarenal
What is the most common type of AAA? fusiform
What type of AAA is a longitudinal splitting of the intimal layer? dissecting
Describe what Budd Chiari syndrome is. a thrombosis of hepatic veins or IVC
Increased pressure in the portal vein system is known as portal ______________. hypertension
What are the 3 celiac branches? left gastric artery, splenic artery, and common hepatic artery
Which renal vein is longer? left
True or false. The portal vein is formed by the merging of splenic vein and SMV. true
What 3 structures form the portal triad? portal vein, common bile duct, and common hepatic artery
Tendons connect _______ to ________. muscle; bone
What is another name for a synovial sheath? bursa
Ligaments connect ________ to ________ bone; bone
What is the most frequent site for a tendon tear? Achilles tendon
True or false. Muscles appear hyperechoic and tendons appear hypoechoic. false. muscles appear hypoechoic and tendons appear hyperechoic
What is a dislocation of the biceps tendon from the bicipital groove of the humerus called? biceps tendon subluxation
What are the 2 types of muscle tears? distraction (indirect) and compression (direct)
What are the 3 grades of a muscle tear? grade 1: elongation injury, grade 2: partial rupture, grade 3: complete rupture
What is a primary entrapment of the medial nerve known as? carpal tunnel syndrome
True or false. A Tineal's sign is tingling with nerve percussion. true
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