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Present Subjunctive

Common expressions requiring/indicative of the Subjunctive

vouloir to want
bien vouloir to agree, to be willing
desirer to wish, to desire
préférer to prefer
aimer mieux to prefer
souhaiter to wish
douter to doubt
nier to deny
être content, être heureux to be happy
être triste to be sad
être fâché to be angry
être fier to be proud
être désolé to be sorry
être surpris to be surprised
avoir peur, avoir crainte to be afraid
craindre to fear
regretter to be sorry
être furieux to be mad, furious
se fâcher to be angry
se réjouir to rejoice, to be happy
commander to ask, to order
exiger to demand
ordonner to command, to order
permettre to permit
consentir to consent
défendre to forbid
empêcher to prevent
il est temps que it is time that
il vaut (vaudrait) mieux que it is better that
il est preferable que it is better that
il faut (faudrait) que it is necessary that
il est nécessaire que it is necessary that
il est essential que it is essential that
il importe que it is important that
il est important que it is important that
il suffit que it is enough that, it suffices that
il est indispensable que it is indispensable that
il convient que it is fitting that, it is proper that
il est convenable que it is fitting that, it is proper that
il est possible que it is possible that
il se peut que it is possible that
il est impossible que it is impossible that
il est utile que it is useful that
il est inutile que it is useless that
il est douteux que it is doubtful that
il est peu probable que it is unlikely that
il n'est pas certain que it is uncertain that
il est heureux que it is fortunate that
il est bon que it is good that
c'est (il est) dommage que it is a pity that
il semble que it seems that
il est honteux que it is shameful that
il est triste que it is sad that
il est surprenant que it is surprising that
il est étonnant que it is surprising that
il est urgent que it is urgent that
avant que before
en attendant que until
jusqu'à ce que until
aussi (de si) loin que far from as far back as
non que not that
non pas que not that
sans que without
afin que in order that
pour que in order that
de manière que so that
de façon que so that
de sorte que so that
de crainte que for fear that
de peur que for fear that
bien que, quoique, encore que, malgré que although
à condition que on condition that
en cas que in case
pourvu que provided that
supposé que supposing that
à moins que unless
soit que...soit que whether...or
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